HELLERAU: Ulf Langheinrich NIL

NIL is a live improvisation on the theme of the absence of projected images (and texts) and the development of mental images. Complex stroboscopic light patterns, total darkness and three-dimensional sound create an inner world conjured up by a lapse in viewers’ overwhelmed senses. The performance is not suitable for mothers-to-be, children or people with…

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56 - 01109 Dresden
Von: 22.07.2018

21st International Dresden Summer Academy for Visual Arts 22...

The International Dresden Summer Academy for Viual Arts was founded by the art association riesa efau in 1998. Since then, more than 3500 participants and lecturers from various countries have been our guests for two annual summer weeks full of artistic workshops and events. In the comparably short time span of 21 years, the Academy…

Von: 09.03.2018


Ein Fallschirm hängt nach dem Absprung eines Reenactors…

TRACER   photographs by Toni Petraschk Exhibition 10/03/18 - 25/03/18   Seventy Two years after it’s end, the second world war is still imprinted into the collective memory and explicitly or implicitly shapes current events. Omnipresent in it’s medial reprocessing, one believes the war in a far away historical distance. Nevertheless the traces of war…

Königsbrücker Str. 39 - 01099 Dresden
Von: 15.03.2018

SOLID // In Thin Air

Opening Thursday the 15th of March, 16-22 o'clock!!   In the middle of March, Schimmel Projects - Art Center Dresden once again invites you to lose yourself. Though not just in the moment. But rather taken literally: to lose your orientation. For that is what the artists of the collective SOLID already tell us about…

Großenhainer Straße 61-63 - 01127 Dresden